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A Restful Night's Sleep

Dec 22, 2021
A Restful Night's Sleep


“The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, American Author

How do you create space to rest? 

As adults, our bodies thrive on seven to nine hours of restful and uninterrupted sleep each night. For some of us, this can sound like a pipe dream (pardon the pun). Those initial moments of rest between conscious and unconscious states are the catalyst to your body taking over from your mind and letting the day float away.  

We employ various techniques to help reach that cosy state of sleep; from breathing patterns to mind games and the ever popular white noise. Alas, some nights when our bodies and mind are at point of exhaustion, the sweet, sweet, sleep evades us. We are left staring at the ceiling counting sheep .. 101, 102, 103 .. getting more and more exasperated, inevitably switching our minds on to think about tomorrows tasks and endless anxieties about the insignificant choice between red or blue towels in the guest room.


While there is no sustainable magic bullet to a restful nights sleep, we can assess our health and lifestyle choices and how they influence our ability to rest. When you make the first step to making a better health choice, we are here as a non-judgemental ear to support and educate. For over 40 years the benefits of infrared saunas for creating a space of rest have been documented. Infrared wavelengths combined with light therapy and essential oils can help to activate the para-sympathetic nervous system and move us into a relaxed state, ready for rest.

 For many of us, the opportunity to switch off, leave technology behind and immerse in peaceful reflection can be hard to come by. Reconnecting with yourself and creating a sleep ritual using infrared sauna in the evening before you hop into bed may just be the best investment you ever make in your own health.

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Much of your quality of health depends on how you spend your time. When you bring an infrared sauna into your home you begin a new chapter in your health journey, as it impacts your daily wellbeing rituals and routines. 

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